Every state has their own laws concerning Internet Sweepstakes, Pull Tabs and Slots gaming. Constant changes are being made to them all the time. If you have seen an Internet Sweepstakes or donations kiosk in your area, ask your local law enforcement official or county office for a second and legal opinion. Laws are being passed all the time. From the state level, to individual counties, therefore, it can be hard to keep track of what the situation is in your neck of the woods, but we will certainly research them before you make your investment.

The Internet cafes business is one of the hottest growth industries in the world. We help people start their own Internet cafes, fundraising funds with Sweepstakes, Pull Tabs and Slots games, and setting up sweepstakes machines that have the look and feel of slot machines and other casino type gaming devices--but that are legal and not gambling.

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