All information is kept strictly private between our current and future clients! Some clients can't help to let it be known about the amazing profits they have been able to make, but some others wish to remain anonymous.


Friends and relatives always seem to come out of the woodwork, once they realize how much money you’re making! Ever wonder how many more friends and family members you might end up with, if you won the lottery? Magical 7's can make it seem you have! Thousands a month, more than you might have time to spend, you can invest into more Sweepstakes, Pull Tabs or Slots machines at other locations to multiply your money!

You can trust any information that is exchanged, is held in confidence! We value your trust and your trust in us. Select clients have wished for their documentation to be made available to serious inquires only and demonstrate the cash flow with the Magical 7's Sweepstakes Internet cash flow system.

All clients receive the best resolution monitors LED HD from 21" up to 36" and touch screen monitors are also available upon request.