Every state has their own laws and constant changes are being made to them. For more information about Internet Sweepstakes, Pull Tabs and Slots visit the Info page. For the always up to date info, contact directly with our knowledgeable professionals for the latest information to answer all your questions in absolute depth.

Is this gambling legal?

This is of course on the up and up, because I'm with you every step of the way. If it wasn't, I would have chosen other profession years ago, but I'm still here delivering to my clients. I wouldn't be able to come and install these games in faith at your location risking them be taken away!

What's the cost?

It really depends on the location and how it is currently setup to welcome Magical 7's. Some construction is usually required, but will pay for its self within the first 30 days. After initial setup is in place, its profit after that!

Magical 7's will place you in the most economical placement for you. If you’re not making money, neither are we! We will do everything to make that happen for you! After all that what we are all about, making long lasting partnerships. That's why were still here today, taking care of our clients. In the end, it won't cost you anything, because the math will be done before any penny is spent. This will start to make money before anything is ever installed, because of the simple math!

Do you have the most profitable games?

Yes we do ... and we don't mind to take them to the next level! Magical 7's is on the constant lookout for the latest technologies to advance the experience for the Internet Sweepstakes, Pull Tabs and Slots gaming.

Magical 7's is always seeking out the most talented individuals in the computer graphics arts industry. They must be using the most advanced 2D and 3D programs, we settle for no less. We search every realm of entertainment industry for individuals to deliver the most entertaining results for our players and investors. We know that a constant flow of new games are needed to have trusted customers coming back again and again. As technology is advanced, customers expect more and more is what we have to deliver!