There are been lots of confusion about Internet Sweepstakes, Pull Tabs or Slots, but not that difficult if you keep these in mind:

A true sweepstakes is a one ticket pool

  1. All games shall operate from a single finite pool of results.
  2. The single finite pool of results shall reside on the server.
  3. All results shall be drawn from the single finite pool at the time of purchase, prior to playing the games.
  4. Free entries shall be drawn from the same pool used for paying customers.
  5. The finite pool of results shall be totally depleted prior to generating a new pool.

Free Entry Into Sweepstakes

  1. The entity conducting the sweepstakes must announce and post of premises, the value of all prizes to be awarded, the number of each prize value to be awarded and the odds of winning each prize.
  2. Addition free entry into the sweepstakes shall be provided to all non-purchasing customers when requested.
  3. The free entry participants shall be provided equal dignity with purchasing participants. This means non-purchasing customers shall be given the opportunity to win the same prizes as purchasing customers. We estimate that more than 90% of sweepstakes locations operations do not comply with one or more of these basic requirements.

For more information about Internet Sweepstakes, Pull Tabs and Slots visit the FAQ page or contact your personal Thomas Sheppard for a one-on-one!